We have a winner: the world’s fastest 13′ MacBook Pro goes to…

Nearly 10.000 comments, more than 200.000 people reached with 5.000 shares & likes on facebook only. Close to 3.000 tweets and more than 2.000 Google+ shares. 20.000 plus views of our youtube clip and 70.000 page impressions on our blog – we are overwhelmed by the impact our hardwrk SSD 830 biturbo beast generated.Thank you very much for all the comments! We enjoyed reading every single one loads and you can view a few of them in our gallery.

Our little beast has been featured on some very well known websites, here’s a small selection:

Featuring BlogpostPage Impressions
cultofmac.com  7.353
heise.de 6.479
golem.de 3.884
t3n.de 2.037
macgeneration.com 1.776

Even with so many comments, shares and likes, there can only be one winner. Naturally though, we would like to thank everybody who took their time and made an effort to participate. We are very happy to announce our winner and the future owner of the world’s fastest 13′ MacBook Pro. Aaaaaaaaaand the winner is (drumroll…)

Florian Eckerstorfer from Austria!

We just talked to him on the phone and he is super happy, but who wouldn’t be winning a 3000 € machine?

This is what Florian has to say:

"Thanks so much guys, I finally made it to the rooftop terrace to give rein to my happiness! Since one year I am thinking about installing an SSD with the hardwrk SSD/HDD adapter kit into my MacBook, but I always shelved it, since I wanted a new MacBook Pro anyways. Now I go it both, yeah!"

Florian is a software engineer and works as a web developer in Vienna, Austria. Our little monster machine will be delivered to him this week and we will post some pictures and a little insight on what he will be doing with it later on.

For the people interested in nerd stuff, here is the SQL script that found the winner for us:

SELECT * FROM wp_comments WHERE comment_post_ID=123 AND comment_parent=0  
GROUP BY comment_author_email ORDER BY RAND() LIMIT 1

Congrats Flo and thanks to everybody who participated!