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SATA3 adapter kit for MacBook (Pro)

completely revised for SATA3

Turn your MacBook Pro into an SSD rocket!
With an SSD/HDD combo, Fusion Drive or 2x SSD/SSD Raid.

No matter if maximum speed (SSD RAID 0), largest possible memory (2xHDD) or a retrofitted Fusion Drive: The hardwrk SATA3 adapter kit goes for it.

In addition to the SATA3 adapter the hardwrk kit contains everything you need for the modification and a carefree operation of you MacBook Pro. The printed manual guides you through the retrofit step-by-step even still when your computer is lying in front of you in pieces. Our special tools (magnetised screwdriver, spudger for unplugging cable connections) allow a quick and unassisted modification, even for the unexperienced user. The provided USB enclosure is the new home for your Superdrive and you can keep using it seamlessly.

79,90 EUR

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  • 1x hardwrk SSD-HDD-Adapter (SATA3)
  • 2x hardwrk precision mechanics screwdriver
  • 1x external USB-DVD-Drive enclosure
  • 1x electrical engineering spudger
  • 1x printed installation instruction
  • 1x Sticker set
The original by hardwrk

We are producing and refining the hardwrk kit since 2011. For the newest version we poured in our experience from selling thousands of kits and your queries in our excellent customer support system.

Better fit, even easier installation, integrated screws, fully SATA3 compatible PCB for maximum speed (given your MacBook already supports SATA3) - even in a SSD Raid 0 Setup i.e. for cutting video or for the fastest possible transfer of large amounts of data.

Maximum Speed, maximum Storage

No matter if maximum speed (SSD Raid 0), largest possible memory (2x HDD) or the retrofit of a Fusion Drive: the hardwrk SATA3 adapter kit does it! Easily replace your MacBooks Superdrive with an additional SSD (maximum speed) or HDD (maximum storage).

1x HDD (Standard)
Fusion Drive (SSD/HDD)
best of both worlds
extreme speed for professionals
Superdrive adapter - hardwrk
SATA3 adapter
SATA3 adapter
(read, write)
110 MB/s
100 MB/s
510 MB/s
490 MB/s
930 MB/s
890 MB/s
Access time 12 ms 0,04 ms 0,04 ms
Storage 500 GB 1,5 TB 1 TB
Developed for SATA3 and maximum speed

If you already have a HDD in you MacBook Pro you only need the SSD/HDD upgrade kit and a small SSD of your choice (i.e. a 120 GB SSD from Samsung) for the oparation of Mac OS X.

With the new hardwrk adapter you can as well fit two SSDs, use a SSD/HHD combination or build your own Fusion Drive - all of this with full SATA3 speed on any SATA port of your MacBook Pro.

79,90 EUR

All prices incl. VAT
Free Shipping (Germany)

ships within 3-5 days

Compatible with all Unibody Macbook Pros1

The hardwrk SATA3 adapter is capable of running in all Uniboby-MacBook-Pro and next to SATA3 mode downwards compatible with SATA2, so it fits older Unibody-MacBook Pro models as well:

MacBook Pro (Unibody)

Zoll Modell HDD-Slot DVD-Slot
13" 5,5 (early 2009) SATA2 SATA2
13" 5,5 (mid 2009) SATA2 SATA2
13" 7,1 (mid 2010) SATA2 SATA2
13" 8,1 (early 2011) SATA3 SATA2 / SATA31
13" 8,1 (late 2011) SATA3 SATA2 / SATA31
13" 9,2 (mid 2012) SATA3 SATA3
15" 5,1 (late 2008) SATA2 SATA2
15" 5,3 (mid 2009) SATA2 SATA2
15" 5,4 (mid 2009) SATA2 SATA2
15" 6,2 (mid 2010) SATA2 SATA2
15" 8,2 (early 2011) SATA3 SATA2 / SATA31
15" 8,2 (late 2011) SATA3 SATA2 / SATA31
15" 9,1 (mid 2012) SATA3 SATA3
17" 5,2 (early/mid 2009) SATA2 SATA2
17" 6,1 (mid 2010) SATA2 SATA2
17" 8,3 (early 2011) SATA3 SATA2
17" 8,3 (late 2011) SATA3 SATA2

1 If your MacBook (Pro) supports SATA3 on the Superdrive Port can be determined with this routine. ATTENTION: Single machines can have problems with SATA3 on the Superdrive port, even if compatibility is shown.

MacBook (Unibody)

Zoll Modell HDD-Slot DVD-Slot
13" 5,1 (late 2008) SATA2 SATA2
13" 6,1 (late 2009) SATA2 SATA2
13" 7,1 (mid 2010) SATA2 SATA2

Mac Mini

Additional tools needed and complicated installation! Please contact our Support

Professional & Fast Support

By purchasing our product you receive free, extremely competent and fast support by Email. Wether you have problems with installing the adapter or the migration of OS X to your new setup - simply contact our Email support and we'll help you as quickly as possible.

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79,90 EUR

All prices incl. VAT
Free Shipping (Germany)

ships within 3-5 days

A clever product from hardwrk (no Apple original accessory).

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