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PATA-Adapter Kit for MacBook (Pro)

Adapter Kit for installation of a second harddisk (HDD) or SSD into the DVD-Drive slot of a Non-Unibody-MacBook (Pro):

  • 1x hardwrk SSD HDD Adapter (PATA)
  • 2x hardwrk precision mechanics screwdriver
  • 1x external USB-DVD-Drive enclosure
  • 1x electrical engineering spudger
  • 1x printed installation instruction
  • 1x Sticker-Set

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From 0 to SSD for
less than 150 EUR!

If you already own a MacBook Pro, why wait until SSD gets affordable and available? With our adapter kit you can have the capacity of your regular drive combined with the speed of a SSD for just a fraction of the price a large SSD would cost you. The SSD upgrade kit costs 79 € + shipping and a small SSD (i.e. a 64GB-SSD by Samsung) about 70 €. So if you are tired of waiting for SSDs to get cheaper order now and enjoy rocket-speed for your MacBook Pro. You will find our SDD / HDD recommendations on the SSD / HDD page.

Mac OS X on the SSD,
all user data on the HDD

Instead of spending several hundred up to a thousand euro for a large SSD, the SSD / HDD upgrade kit and the native ability of OS X makes it possible to swap the user data to a second harddrive. This way you can store your OS on a small SSD (i.e. 80 GB Intel X25-M) and keep all your user files on the HDD (i.e. the built in 500 GB drive). Summing up to a total of 580 GB, plus the SSD rocket-speed for an unbeatable price!

Easy installation

With our step by step manual including comprehensive text, detailed photos and priceless tips and tricks you will get the installation done in 60 minutes max. All Tools you will need are already included and will be delivered with the kit. From precision mechanics screwdriver to the electrical engineering spudger, for disconnecting the plugs on the logic board, everything is included.

A new home
for your DVD-drive

Since you still want to use your DVD-drive, we include an external USB enclosure for it, so you can keep on using your drive seamlessly on the USB port of your MacBook Pro.

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Professional & Fast Support

By purchasing our product you receive free, extremely competent and fast support by Email. Wether you have problems with installing the adapter or the migration of OS X to your new setup - simply contact our Email support and we'll help you as quickly as possible.

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79,90 EUR

All prices incl. VAT
Free Shipping (Germany)

in stock
Delivery time 1 - 2 business days *

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