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User Reviews:

Marc Hype, Berlin

ITF DJ Champion & Music producer

„With the hardwrk kit and my SSD / HDD Combo everything runs fast and fluently and I have lots of space for new music as again.“

Robert Lemke, Lübeck


„With the SSD/HDD combo my MacBook Pro is running very fast and I still have enough space to cut videos for podcasts on the way. Rocks!“

Jochen Kuckuck, Hannover

Screendesigner & Founder dewel clothing

„Indesign, Photoshop and Flash working very quickly and smoothly again. So I've saved the cost of buying a new MacBook.“

Nicolas Hantzsch

Regional Director Groupon UK & Ireland

„My MacBook is waking up rocket-fast now, so on business trips I can use the even the shortest periods to work.“

Johannes Kleske, Berlin

Co-Founder thirdwave

„After fifteen minutes the modification was done without problems. After another hour I was wondering how I could have lived without SSD.“

Florian Bochnig, Hamburg

Packaging Designer, Syndicate Design AG

„I can now retouch the largest files in rocket speed and still have enough space for all my data. Thanks hardwrk!“

  • „Award in the individual test MACup Issue 06/2011: Grade 1.9“ MACup 06/2011
  • „The hardwrk SSD / HDD adapter kit really is damned practical.“
  • „For 79 € you get a solid Kit for installing a second hard drive in your MacBook.“ techspread
  • „The increased performance of the entire operating system really is extremely good.“ aptgetupdateDE
  • „There is no easier way to install a second hard drive in your MacBook (Pro).“ hombertho
  • „If you need your DVD drive rarely you can significantly speed up your MacBook Pro with this adapter.“ c't 8/11