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The world’s fastest 13′ MacBook Pro – win the hardwrk SSD 830 biturbo

The installation of SSD’s in MacBook Pro’s happens on a daily basis here at the hardwrk office. Therefore we have been playing with the idea of building the world’s fastest MacBook Pro with an SSD-Raid-0 for some time. We wanted to know how fast you could get the machine by using only standard components. After initial tests with different Raid setups and some failed attempts we bundled our know-how and built the ultimate killer machine: the hardwrk SSD 830 biturbo. The monstrous power of a 13″-MacBook Pro combined with 16 GB DDR3 RAM and a 1 TB-Samsung 830 SATA III SSD as the biturbo’s heart bundled in a Raid-0. To put it short: the ultimate rocket machine! And the best thing about it? You can win the world’s fastest MacBook Pro!

SSD 830 biturbo SSD 830 biturbo

Building the fastest MacBook Pro really isn’t complicated at all. You just have to buy a few MacBook Pro’s, a whole bunch of SSD’s and a hardwrk adapter kit to test it. After a few weeks of investigation and research, drinking coffee / Club Mate by the gallon and unnumbered installations of Mac-OS-X you finally get the SSD-Raid-MacBook Pro rocket! The biggest obstacle in all this was the unclear SATA III compatibility in Apple’s MacBook Pros on the DVD drive’s SATA port. Since the use of this port is not intended by Apple we needed to painfully test this out and came to some interesting conclusions during this process (See info box SATA III in MacBook Pro).

hardwrk SSD 830 biturbo specs:

  1. Currently fastest Apple MacBook Pro 13″ as base (2,8GHz i7, Status as of 04/2012)
  2. Currently maximum possible RAM (2x 8GB Samsung Dimm = 16GB)
  3. SSD-RAID-0 for maximum data throughput and access times (the Samsung 830 series already are within the range of the fastest SSD’s on the market – in a Raid-0 the speed while cutting videos or other bandwidth-intense processes is intergalactic!)
  4. Engraving plus decent branding (matt black cover with white type labeling)
  5. Absolutely suitable for the everyday grind (Battery and heat development on standard level → no dirty hacks / over-clocking,…)
  6. Proudly manufactured by German nerds

Part list

Quantity Description Price
1 Apple MacBook Pro 13″, Intel Core i7-2640M, 2,8GHz, 4GB RAM 1385 EUR
2 Samsung 830 512GB SATAIII-SSD (Big Thanks goes to Samsung for sponsoring these nice SSDs!) 1227,98 EUR
2 Samsung 8 GB DDR3-1333PC3-10600 SO-DIMM 310 EUR
1 hardwrk SSD/HDD Adapter Kit 79 EUR
TOTAL: ~ 3000 EUR


Action Speed
Mac OS X complete boot up  19,7 sec
Mac OS X reboot  16 sec
MacBook Pro wakeup  3,2 sec
App: Eclipse start  4,3 sec
App: Photoshop start  1,7 sec
Finder: 1GB zip-file decompression  4,9 sec
Finder: 1GB zip-file compression  38,7 sec

Some numbers from our Xbench test:

Memory Test (System)

Allocate Fill Copy
8.91 Malloc/sec 22,348.95 MB/sec 14,347.55 MB/sec

Disk Test (Sequentiell)

Uncached Write Uncached Read
4k blocks 256k blocks 4k blocks 256k blocks
951.25 MB/sec 495.57 MB/sec 33.95 MB/sec 564.11 MB/sec

SATAIII and the MacBook Pro

The MacBook Pro generally supports SATA III on the HDD SATA port since version 8.1 (early 2011). The port of the optical drive supports SATA III since the „late 2011“ models (same version number). The peculiarity though is that SATA III only works stable on the optical drive’s port in the 13″ MacBook Pro. The 15 and 17′ models have significant problems with SATA III SSD/HDD on the optical drive’s port. For the time being, it is not clear if this malfunction will be resolved by a firmware-update by Apple or if this is even caused by a cable which does not specify for SATA III.

Modell SATA-III on HDD-Port SATA-III on DVD Port
MacBook Pro 15′ (early 2011) x – (SATAIII devices run at SATAII speed)
MacBook Pro 13′ (early 2011) x – (SATAIII devices run at SATAII speed)
MacBook Pro 15′ (late 2011) x o (possible in theory, many problems in practice)
MacBook Pro 13′ (late 2011) x x (fully working! *yeah!*)

See it in action!

How to win the hardwrk SSD 830 biturbo

In order to win the hardwrk SSD 830 biturbo, you have to at least write a comment at the bottom of this blogpost about why you want to win this badly and in addition share our campaign (Twitter, facebook, Google+). Everybody who participates will take part in the drawing of the hardwrk SSD 830 biturbo.

Please attach the link to your social media share and a valid email address that we will be able to contact you -> otherwise you will not participate!!

Deadline is April 20th 2012, so be fast!

We’re looking forward to your extroverted statements!

A special thank you goes to Samsung who were so kind to provide us with the SSDs to make this happen.

UPDATE – April 21th 2012

Thanks for participating! Our contest is closed now!!
We will publish the winner of the hardwrk SSD 830 biturbo during the next week and update this blogpost soon.

The hardwrk team

P.S. Please check our SSD-references and our latest product: The iPhone 5 Massive Dock

UPDATE: Check our new product –  SATA3 Adapter SSD Bundle

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  1. Jacek sagt:

    Macbook pro would be the best way to let me get out from a cruel MS world!!! .. and mz facebook linkŁ http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000677557201

  2. Todd sagt:

    I run multiple VMs on my computer for testing my startup’s software on different platforms as well as for demoing our product…but my 2008 MacBookPro just isn’t cutting it anymore (slowly dying from years of constant use).

    Having the World’s fastest 13″ MacBook Pro, with 16GB of memory? I could finally run multiple VMs at the same time to simulate a proper Server + Client environment…all from a single computer! That would be invaluable for testing and demoing, and benefit not just me…but also our clients.

    Winning this computer would be quite a happy day in my life. :)


  3. Simone sagt:

    Never had a Mac, why don’t have the fastest? :-)

  4. Hubert Bloch sagt:

    Hi, the world’s fastest Mac and my IPhone – a perfect team.



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  6. Pepe sagt:

    is for me? Thanks

  7. Malius sagt:

    I need this macbook. It reminds me of myself.


  8. Thomas Whitley sagt:

    Just at the point I was going to jump in the river…the answer arrives: HARDWRK SSD 830 BITURBO! Once in my hands I go right to work blogging, writing, googling, surfing, earning, networking, SEOing, investigating, tweeting, FBing, youtubing, fivvring, and every other kind of ing I can think of. I leave my crummy apartment and get a townhouse…I’m my wife’s hero now. I move into the suburbs where there are better schools that have buses. Now my kids don’t have to walk to school up hill both ways! – my kids are estatic. We get a fenced in yard with grass and a dog that fetches the paper that I finally can afford a subscription to! No more gangland gun battles at 3 am! And now there is money for shoes – everybody gets a pair! No more one pair for two kids and then each walks with a limp! (no more crimpled toes for the older one)I become king of the internet and a billionaire. I give every child in America a HARDWRK SSD 830 BITURBO. Our nation rises to the top of industry again and I win the Nobel Peace Prize! This is a dream come true: what a wonderful computer…Long live Apple! And if I haven’t said it: thanks for picking me…wasn’t it worth it!

  9. Aleksey Nima Urbina sagt:

    I love this MacBook. Is the best. Thank you guys. Your work is perfect

  10. Shirley S. Davila sagt:



  11. CedB sagt:

    The date has passed… Please, tell me “ Congratulations Ced, YOU WIN the fastest MPB in the world !!!“, it would be so wonderful.
    Hope is vital…

  12. Boba sagt:

    cause my actual laptop is just a toaster… it looks like a toaster, it ist hot as toaster and it even smells like toaster…but i can´t use him for preparing breakfast

  13. Robert sagt:

    The Game ended already, so please stop to post on this! Buy the products, if you want to get some good piece of german engineering.


  14. Carlos Buosi sagt:

    This mac is gonna travel to Brazil! Its mine!

  15. Horst sagt:

    I bought a Samsung 830, 256 GB and put it in my MAC RPO last night. This is the greatest and best update i ever did. Blister fast opening programs, e.g. MS Outlook was 9.5 sec, now it opens in 1.4 sec !! Other programs improved about same rate, file transfer is fast. Its worth every dollar, a complete new world. I can only recommend this.

  16. Massive Dynamic sagt:

    That is some marvelous piece of outré technology you got there! Shame I missed the deadline, I could have used it to launch a space station …


  17. Wawin sagt:

    Nice !!

  18. Luis Chaman Rodriguez sagt:

    thats the best mac book pro ive ever seen i want it!!!

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  20. David Moran Hernandez sagt:

    woooooow the best macbook!!!

  21. chino maria sagt:

    yo make me NUTS! whit this machine! i only dream on that u.u

  22. John Dande sagt:

    This is insane! This would be awesome to replace my Acer laptop with 2Gb of Ram! haha I would love it!

  23. Mark Kuller sagt:

    That is amazing! I want one for gaming and photo manipulation. I have an ipad2 and a old dell 17 gaming laptop that is Huge slow and the battery doesn’t last.

  24. Jelle sagt:

    I want that macbook, because the laptop I now possess is made in the stone age!

  25. R. Milton sagt:

    Macbook, technology at it’s very finest.

  26. Jorge garcia sagt:

    One word, excellent

  27. Sheriff Saliu sagt:

    I know it late and a winner has already been chosen but i will really appreciate it if i can still win that laptop. Am a student of architecture in a Nigerian University and that laptop will go a long way to aid my academic line and help me browse the internet

  28. Sheriff Saliu sagt:

    Just incase you can reach my mail:
    and my facebook username:

  29. Espero ser el ganador de esta fantástica portatil, saludos desde México :)

  30. katera sagt:

    I need, need need this macbook SOOOOOOO FRIGGIN BAD! i’LL DO ANYTHING FOR IT!

  31. Linas sagt:

    I am the winner!

  32. Arman sagt:

    I’ve always wanted a MacBook pro…
    But could never afford it.
    This is awesome!

  33. Fast Keith sagt:

    I could only imagine running ProTools or Logic on this thing! I would be in VST heaven!!! Not to mention all the porn I could summon at lightning speed!

    Fast Keith
    Ink & Dagger Tattoo Parlour
    Decatur, GA

  34. Mauricio Avila sagt:

    is amazing how you who gave their time to build a super computer, give them to someone who can not have one of these, I admire

  35. Nazar sagt:

    MacBook Pro – a chance to be better.

  36. loui2992 sagt:

    researching for a new laptop to replace my ancient unworkable laptop, has considered me to turn to the dark/mac side 😛 want one of these, how much does it cost? my life saving :(

  37. Aleesha sagt:

    I would Loooove to win this Mac Book. It Would help me a great deal, because my current Mac Book has the black screen of death and it will cost me a ton of money to get it fixed, and im strapped for cash right now. If I won I would be so grateful. Thanks For creating this contest & good luck to everyone!

  38. mark connor sagt:

    i have seen faster macs run but was the irish 100 meter champion his name was tommy macs runalot we just call him mac ha . just messing your mac is so would be great for edting films i like it

  39. Koditek Károly Bálint sagt:

    I hope I still have a chance to win this beautiful MacBook. My old IBM is almost dead (i’m planing a proper funeral for her :) ), so i could really need this present from You! THX

  40. Brookers sagt:

    Wow.. flippin awesome.. Appletastic thanks for showcasing guys

  41. Alexander sagt:

    The dream maker

  42. William Hamilton sagt:

    Most excellent!

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  44. Scott Key sagt:

    This machine would literally change the way that I edit videos and play games on my machine. I am an amateur filmmaker and really want to up my game. I just need the raw power. I really think I should win. Cause… seriously? Why the hell not.

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