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MacBook Pro 2012 Compatibility

After having a little trouble to get access to the new MacBook Pro line, we have finally been able to check out their interior. The good news is, that Apple still works with the same Superdrive models as before.

Not that we wouldn’t had expected this, but when it comes to passing out information it’s better to be safe than sorry. So now we are able to announce that our hardwrk-SSD/HDD-Adapter Kit is totally compatible with the new MacBook Pro 13 and 15′ – awesome!

So still everybody can, with their standard MacBook Pro, our Kit and an SSD, achieve speeds equal to the new top of the line MacBook Pro with the Retina display. The display and the really sleak form factor still makes the newest sibling of the MacBook Pro family stand out, but if you need more space, plan to upgrade later or just want a 13′ model you can upgrade your new Mac with our Kit to get loads of memory or be even faster than the new flagship by using an SSD Raid array.
This concludes in one last question we have to solve: the 2011 generation of MacBook Pro’s could not achieve SATA III speeds on the Superdrive port with the exception of the 13′ model. We are eager to find out if this has changed and will let you know about it here.

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4 Antworten auf MacBook Pro 2012 Compatibility

  1. Adam sagt:

    does this work on 13inch late 2011 ?

  2. Jan sagt:


    ich plane mir ein MB 15 PRO (non Retina) zu holen – also ein aktuelles 2012er Modell.
    Funktioniert hier das Raid0 ? Habt ihr schon Erfahrungen mit den Samsung 840er ?
    Aktuell plane ich zwei 500GB SSD dann zu verbauen.

    Freue mich auf Euer Feedback

    • Sebastian sagt:

      Hallo Jan,
      ich habe gerade zwei Samsung 840er Pro in mein Macbook 15″ Mid2012 eingebaut. Die 840er funktionieren am Superdrive-Port nicht. Leider musste ich wieder auf die 830er (2x256GB=512GB) zurück bauen. Nun läuft das RAID0 wieder perfekt.

      Trotzdem sehr schade! Möglicherweise klappt es mit der normalen 840er Variante, ich würde dennoch eher zu den 830er raten!

      Viele Grüße, Seb

  3. Stefan sagt:


    i’ve tried to use a Seagate Momentum XT 750 GB in the Hardwrk adapter with the 2012-13″ MacBook Pro. I can see my Data, but access seems impossible. If i try to format the drive i get an error. Any ideas? Is it because of SATA III?
    This combination worked fine with my 2008 Unibody MBP.